Lash & Tan

Misencil Eyelash Extensions

Discovery Application

Approximately 60 minutes
Center of the eye to outer corners. Great for Special Events and to test the lashes out. 

Jr. Lash Tech (75 hours or less) $49 Member Pricing: $41.65 Inquire Here

Senior Lash Tech (75 hours and up) $89 Member Pricing: $75.65 Inquire Here

Star Application

Approximately 2 hours
50 – 60% of lashes filled. Most popular choice for first time clients.
Consultation Recommended

Jr Lash Tech (75 hours or less) $99 Member Pricing: $84.15 Inquire Here

Senior Lash Tech (75 hours and up) $175 Member Pricing: $148.75 Inquire Here

Superstar Application

Approximately 2-3 hours
80 – 90% of lashes filled. A bold and glamorous look for those that want immediate drama. May only be suitable for individuals with a good amount of natural lashes at least medium length. $250
Consultation Recommended

Jr Lash Tech (75 hours or less) $150 Member Pricing: $127.50 Inquire Here

Senior Lash Tech (75 hours and up) $250 Member Pricing: $212.50 Inquire Here

Lash Fills

2 Weeks or Less $42 / $57 Member Pricing: $35.70-$48.45 Inquire Here
3-4 Weeks from Previous Fill $50 / $64 Member Pricing: $42.50-$54.40 Inquire Here
4-5 Weeks from Previous Fill $60 / $80 Member Pricing: $51-$68 Inquire Here
6+ Weeks will be charged as a new application.

Additional Notes

  • Junior and Senior Lash Techs share the same training and certifications and results and timing will typically not differ.  We reduce our pricing to help our Jr. Lash techs build their clientele and quickjly gain experience as well as offer our clients a more affordable option. 
  • The more frequently you fill the better you can maintain and add fullness each time. Recommended every 2-3 weeks. No more than 4 weeks.
  • Your lashes follow the same growth cycle as the rest of the hair on your body, you will see lashes fall off when the natural lash sheds.
  • Your first application you may experience more shedding than usual as it is hard to determine which lashes are later on in the growth cycle. The more fills you get, the faster the extensions regulate to your cycle.
  • We always recommend a consultation to determine whether you are a good candidate for eyelash extensions.
  • Misencil Homecare products are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for long lasting lash extensions as they are designed specifically for that purpose.
  • Please come each time with clean, makeup free lashes.  


FAKE BAKE Spray Tans

Approximately 20 minutes
Get the summer-glow you desire without the harmful effects of the sun. Our spray tan technicians achieve the desired look and depth of colour best suited for you and the look you're going for$35

Member Pricing: $29.75 Inquire Here

Tips for the BEST results:

  • It is best to have exfoliated your body thoroughly prior to your tan - may we suggest our full body salt glow!
  • It is imperative that you have NO creams, lotions or deodorants on your body the day of the spray tan (before or after) to prevent any discolouration.
  • We recommend coming with dark, loose fitting clothing,  The Tanning formula does not stain fabric but we want your tan to set naturally without being affected by tight fitting clothing. 
  • To maintain your tan moisturize daily and do not exfoliate until right before your next spray tan application. The longer you can preserve the top layers of your skin, the longer you will maintain your colour. 
  • We also suggest purchasing the FAKE BAKE Flawless self tanner or our DR.RENAUD Liquid Sunshine to keep your colour lasting as long as possible!

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