UVB / UVA - So what IS the difference and why should I CARE?

Posted: June 2, 2017 @ 4:31pm
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So it's that time of year when everyone is talking about the sun and burning.  How to prevent it, how to treat it and what it is going to ultimately do to your skin.   There is a lot of confusion around UVA, UVB what they are and what you need to be doing and using to protect against BOTH!

UVB Burns

UVB rays are what burns the superficial top layers your skin (aka causes the redness and plays a role in the development of the big C) and quite often this us what products protect against... UVA.

UVA Ages

UVA rays penetrate much deeper into the skin which is what causes you to prematurely age and wrinkle! You don't see the effects of this damage right away and sometimes not for years but trust is when we say... it does rear it's ugly head eventually! It's very hard to reverse the effects of sun damage to the skin and we will save that for another day.


When buying your skin care or products with SPF you want to make sure that it is BROAD SPECTRUM.  Broad Spectrum meaning that you are protected against both UVA and UVB.  

Most sun care products are now required to be broad spectrum but if it doesn't say it, it probably isn't! Now as the educated sun care consumer that you are, now you know what to ask when in the market for your next sun care product!

P.S.  There are a lot of cheap options out there... we KNOW this BUT this is your skin people (you only have 1) and you get what you pay for.  Choose wisely🙂.

For more information on UVA and UVB rays here are some helpful sites:


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