10 things your aesthetician wants you to know.

Posted: September 2, 2016 @ 8:01am
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1. Years of aging takes time to undo so come with realistic expectations one facial won't turn back time. 

2. Extractions aren't always necessary. Extractions should be performed on an "as needed" basis. Extractions can be invasive and having your aesthetician squeeze the heck out of your skin when it's not necessary, can cause more harm than good.  Certain treatment facials do not include extractions at all because if the potential for over stimulation of the skin.  

3. Consistency is key! Whether it be facials, hair removal, reflexology, or pedicures when you make a point of getting these services done regularly, that's when you're going to truly see lasting results and you're going to feel good doing it!

4. Avoid the sun at all costs. Nothing ages you faster and more severely than sun damage! No matter what the season you need to be sure that you wear an SPF on a daily basis. If you skin see's the light, you need protection. 

5. Be honest. Be honest about your skin care routine, what you do and don't do with your skin, what your budget is and how much time you are willing to commit. This will allow us to help you make the best skin and body care suggestions possible suited specifically to your needs.

6. Come clean. Whether you are coming for a facial, hair removal or eyelash extensions make sure that your skin is clean and make up free. Eliminating this step during your service only allows us to spend more time on the good stuff!

7. Know whats on your nails. We understand that you might of had hand or foot treatments at a different Spa prior to coming to us. When you're booking your appointment, do your best to let us know what is on your nails and the condition your nails are in. There is a major difference between removing regular polish vs. gel polish, hard gel or acrylic, they all take additional time and that time needs to be factored into your service.

8. We don't cut the dead skin off your heels with blades because it is counterproductive and very unsafe. Although it may give you the instant results you're looking for, your calluses will return almost as fast as it took us to slough them off. Remember, your body puts calluses and cuticles in the areas it does for a reason. To properly and safely remove them, it takes time and consistent treatments in spa and at home (your feet are no exception).

9. Pre-Book your appointments. It helps keep you consistent and ensures you get the best appointment time suited for your needs.

10. Arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. If your appointment starts at 4 PM coming in at 4 PM may cut into your service time in order to keep the day on schedule and as a courtesy to all our guests. We realize that nobody is perfect (we know we aren't) we just want to make sure that you have the best chance to have the best possible experience with us.